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Ray Ban Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Sunglasses of Hollywood

Some sunglasses are easily recognizable by name alone. One brand that optimizes this theory is Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses have been made popular in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Men in Black, and the Blues Brothers. Some of Hollywood’s hottest stars wear Ray-Ban sunglasses, which might be why they’re so easily recognizable. Of course, there’s another reason why Ray-Ban sunglasses are so popular … they’re great sunglasses!

When shopping for Ray-Ban sunglasses, you’ll notice two kinds of Ray-Ban Aviator styles. One style is very reminiscent of old Hollywood. You can easily picture these glasses in every movie about old war pilots and the Wright brothers. The other style is distinctly modern, very Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," without losing their trademark style. Traditional Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are made with metal frames and have adjustable nose pads whereas the more “modern” looking Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are crafted with nylon or propionate materials.

You can’t go wrong with Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses because the same quality that was built into them back in 1937 is the same good quality that’s built into them today. The only difference is that today's designers have the added benefit of technological advances in lens and frame craftsmanship.

The Serious Style of Ray-Ban Predator Sunglasses

When you start shopping for Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses, you soon realize you’re not shopping for your traditional Ray-Bans. Available in gray, brown, or the gray-green Ray-Ban G15 lens, Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses are clearly designed for the sports-minded adult. And “sports” can mean a lot of things. Maybe you’re watching your children out on the baseball diamond, or cruising the streets watching the scenery in your sporty convertible. No matter which activity you’re participating in, you want to make sure that your vision is as clear and unobstructed as possible.

Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses have a sleek appearance that leaves no hint of Hollywood-past. Instead, these speak to the “real” person with a busy lifestyle. Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses have no-nonsense, lightweight frames that can bring you to the office, to the park, and to any recreational activity you can dream up.

Any pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses tell the world that you mean business, but there’s something very serious about Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses. Maybe it’s the ergonomic tailoring of the frame, the name of the sunglasses, or the person behind the shades. Whatever “it” is, you can be sure that the world will take you seriously in them.

Blocking the Rays with Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Let’s face it, wearing sunglasses today is more about looking good than how well they protect your vision from UV rays. At least that’s what we think. The good thing about today’s consumer market is that somebody is out there looking out for our best interests. While we’re parading up and down the city streets wearing the likes of Ray-Ban sunglasses, thinking we’re looking like a million bucks (because we are), it’s nice to know that someone has already been working behind the scenes, making sure our lenses are protecting us from harm.

Sure, a smooth pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses looks awesome with a leather jacket and a pair of jeans, but did you know that those same sunglasses could very well be preventing you from getting cataracts when you’re older? There’s a lot of talk about preserving your bones, muscles, teeth, and immune system well into your senior years, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about the one thing we tend to take for granted: our vision.

Visit any optometry association either online or in person and they’ll all highly recommend top quality sunglasses that block at least 98% UV rays. There are three UV rays that affect us, but only two that can seriously damage our eyesight. UVA and UVB are the two to think about when buying a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Luckily, practically all sunglasses purchased in the United States have some degree of UV protection. With Ray-Ban sunglasses, you can be sure you’re getting the degree of UV protection recommended by North American optometrists.

Getting the Most from Your Ray-Ban Sunglasses

If your look needs a hotness boost, check out a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Their classically cool design will keep you looking hot all year round. Ray-Ban sunglasses have the kind of history behind them that will keep them popular for years to come. That’s good news because when you purchase a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, they’re sure to last you for many years.

All Ray-Ban sunglasses come with scratch-resistant lenses and carefully crafted frames. You might wonder why people bother to buy brand name sunglasses, thinking that all they’re getting is a name. Well, yes, they are getting a name, but they’re also getting the quality that keeps that name in the public eye.

It’s the little things that make all the difference in the world. A cheap pair of “no name” sunglasses are usually nothing more than a hunk of molded plastic with tinted lenses. They might do the trick in a pinch, but for a long-term investment, don’t overlook a pair of designer sunglasses like Ray-Ban. Whether it’s the slip-proof ear piece, the adjustable nose pads, or the comfort grip arms, Ray-Ban sunglasses really do stand out from the rest.

Shopping Online for Ray-Ban Sunglasses

For a number of reasons, not everyone is comfortable shopping online. People are worried about identify theft, fraud, paying for something they think is high quality only to get a dud, etc. If you’re in the market for designer sunglasses and want to buy a pair online, there are a few simple things you should know to build your online shopping confidence:

  1. Make sure you can purchase your items over a secure server. You should see a closed, yellow lock at the bottom of your screen when you’re about to pay for your merchandise. That indicates a safe, secure server.
  2. Check the refund policy of the store. It’s sometimes hard to buy things like Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses online when you’re really not 100% sure what they’re going to look like on your face. Knowing that you have a limited time to get a full refund might make your choice a little easier.
  3. Before buying any Ray-Ban sunglasses online, find out what’s hot and in style. Keeping ahead of the trends will make you happier about your purchase.
  4. Check for Ray-Ban sunglasses warranties, guarantees, etc.
  5. Finally, have a look at the shipping costs and find out whether the costs are extra if you happen to live out of the country.

Buying a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator or Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses is one of the easiest things to do. The hardest thing is deciding on the perfect pair for you.

Ray Ban Sunglasses for Tired Eyes

We all know that Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are good for the eyes. They protect against harmful UV rays, protect our eyes from air born dust and debris, and can prevent the onset of cataracts. Sometimes, however, there are more simplistic (albeit important!) reasons for wanting to don a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses: red eyes. Who hasn’t pulled an all-nighter before? Whether it was for studying or partying, there comes a time when all we want to do is cover up the evidence.

Besides being a shield for vanity, Ray-Ban sunglasses might also be saving your eyes from further irritation. Eyes that are already tired are probably dry and itchy. The last thing you want is something getting lodged in your eye. Even the smallest speck of dust could cause considerable pain and further redness. Your best bet is to invest in a soothing, chemical-free eye drop solution and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Tired eyes are more sensitive to light, so keeping them under the protective shield of Raybans isn’t a bad idea at all. Once you’re back home, apply a cool compress to your closed eyelids and have a nap. By the time you get up, you’ll be ready for another night on the town and this time you’ll be wearing those Ray Ban sunglasses to make a statement, not hide one.