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Lens Technology

Eagle Eye Technology

Have you ever heard of eagle eye sunglasses technology? It was first developed by NASA scientists and engineers, upon discovering that eagles have a specific and unique way of filtering out harmful ultra violet radiation from the sun. Eagles have droplets of oil in their eyes, which act as a filter by significantly reducing the scattering effect of the light. This way, they only let in the light that aids their vision and increases clarity.

With this in mind, NASA engineers began trying to reproduce this oil and incorporate it into the design of a sunglass lens. Their Polarized Selective Transmission Lens is incredibly effective to prevent ultraviolet light, blue light, and violet light from damaging the eyesight. These lenses not only prevent ultra violet radiation from getting into your eyes, but it also stops high intense rays of any sort of light from damaging the centralized areas of your retinas. However, green, orange, yellow, and orange light is allowed to pass freely through the lenses, as they are not harmful and will only act to increase image clarity.

As a result, this eagle eye sunglass technology has become extremely popular, having been worn by Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, and Ronald Reagan. A great brand for this sunglass technology is Bolle sunglasses with EagleVision, available at Eyesave.com.

Beautiful Bolle Sunglasses

While Canadian crooner Corey Hart sang all about his “Sunglasses at Night” in the 1980’s, the creators of Bolle sunglasses were behind the scenes working on shades of their own. In business for over 100 years now, Bolle sunglasses use the best of technology to constantly create new frames for their Performance, Sport, and Fusion collection.

Anyone serious about eye protection can’t help but get excited about Bolle sunglasses and the technology they bring to their product. Bolle sunglasses proudly sell polarized sunglasses using technology that actually refuses to allow glare past the lens. For the person who owns a pair of Bolle sunglasses, that means a lifetime of accurate glare and sun protection.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a soccer mom, you’ll appreciate the fit, fashion, and superior quality of Bolle sunglasses. The choices are endless and when you see online pages of Bolle sunglasses -- it’s like looking at artwork. There are numerous styles to choose from. If you’re into multi-sporting activities, choose the Bolle sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, perfect for golf and tennis. That way, you can sharpen your game by adjusting your lenses to meet any lighting conditions. The styles are incredibly fresh and creative, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying more than one pair.

Bolle Sunglasses for Any Occasion

Skiing is one of those sports that requires special clothing and accessory consideration. Unlike the tennis court where a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a good pair of sunglasses will do the trick, the slopes can be a place of extreme temperatures, blinding glare, and fluctuating temperatures. Whether you’re a beginner on the bunny trail or an experienced skier looking for a thrill on the backside of a mountain, you’re going to need a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes and keep your vision sharp.

Bolle sunglasses sell remarkable eye wear with specific frames and lenses for specific sports. Their goggle line known as “Simmer” are reminiscent of mirror sunglasses, but do double-time protecting the eyes from wind, snow, and moisture build-up on the lens. In fact, with Simmer goggles, you won’t have any of those problems and the only thing you’ll feel against your face is a triple layer of soft fleece.

Bolle sunglasses are known for their sport-inspired frames and goggles. They’re not just something you wear to participate in an activity, they become the activity. Most discount designer sunglasses, including Bolle sunglasses, sell for just under or just over $100 and they’re well worth every penny. Bolle sunglasses are the crème-de-la-crème of activity sportswear, but the best thing about them is that anyone can wear them, for any occasion.

Bolle Sunglasses for Fashion, Style, and Practicality

Sunglasses used to be just for function, now they’re a fashion accessory. Without a good pair of sunglasses adorning your face, a person feels practically naked on the streets. Sunglasses date back thousands of years to the Inuit population who, out of necessity, fashioned a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from snow blindness. For them, the concept was built around a basic need. Today, the need is still there, we just have a little more fun with the look.

Designers, like the people who fashion Bolle sunglasses, play with a wide variety of styles and designs. You can buy bifocal sunglasses, mirror sunglasses, photocromic sunglasses, solar shield sunglasses, etc, all in a wide variety of colors, frames, and materials. People look to different designers for different lifestyle needs. Prada, for example, sells an upscale line of fashion sunglasses that can be worn anywhere, at anytime. When you’re wearing sunglasses to go about your daily business in the city, for driving, or just to go out and do some shopping, the lenses really only have to protect you from UVA and UVB rays. Some people would argue that shopping really is a sport, but for the true sporting enthusiast, Bolle sunglasses are the way to go.

Bolle sunglasses offer three distinct lines of sunglasses: Fusion, Sport, and Performance. For professional athletes, the Performance line is the way to go. For everyone else, there’s the Sport and Fusion line. “Bounce” is one popular style available in the Bolle collection. They’re perfect for everyday wear, come in two colors, are lightweight, durable, and have moisture-absorbing Thermogrip temple tips for comfort.

Bolle sunglasses really do have a wide client base and the reason for that is the sunglasses' accessibility, both in style and practicality.

The Bolle Sunglasses Lifestyle

Life is a sport, and it's human nature to play to win. Bolle sunglasses are all about the human experience, whether the experience is taking place in an Olympic stadium or in a mini-van with three kids and a dog. According to a Gallup Poll taken in August of 2007, 85% of the American population drive themselves to work everyday and spend an average of 46 minutes commuting to and from work each day. That only speaks to the commute and says nothing of the countless other trips made on a typical day. Kids need to be shuttled to babysitters, there are medical appointments, grocery store stops, etc. That’s a lot of time squinting against the sun’s rays unless of course you own a good quality pair of Bolle sunglasses.

Bolle sunglasses come in every shape and style, with interchangeable lens options so that you can conceivably wear a certain type of lens for your everyday driving use and switch to speciality sport lenses when it’s time to engage in some recreational activity.

The makers of Bolle sunglasses know that life is about achieving balance and that balance includes a wide range of activities. Rather than make sunglasses geared to one particular market or consumer demographic, Bolle sunglasses have created a line that can be worn by anyone, of any age, in any lifestyle.

When You Need Solar Shield Sunglasses

For those of us who wear glasses and have higher eyeglass prescriptions, it’s not always easy to find a good pair of quality sunglasses. Even with thinned-out lenses, higher prescriptions often mean thicker lenses. Many regular glasses come with their own pair of sunglasses that either magnetize to the glasses or hook onto the glasses. With a high prescription and a thicker lens, it’s very difficult to hook those sunglasses into place. Not to worry! Bolle sunglasses offer a line of RXable sunglasses that can be brought to the optometrist and filled with your prescription. Now, there might be a limit on the particular strength of prescription that Bolle sunglasses will accommodate. For that reason, it might be wise to consider wearing solar shield sunglasses. Solar shield sunglasses are large and snug, fitting right over top of your regular eyewear.

The main reason people wear this type of lens is because of recent cataract or eye surgery or other light sensitivities. Unfortunately, not everyone can wear contact lenses, not everyone has access to laser eye surgery, and there are some eye conditions that require extra-special care. Solar shield sunglasses, or “fit over” sunglasses, are the perfect option for any of these scenarios.

The Creative Rebellion of Spy Optic Shades

If you’re young or just young at heart, you might be looking for sunglasses that are a little edgier than the traditional stuff you see on the market. Bolle sunglasses offer a wide variety of styles and frames, but you might also want to consider looking at Spy Optic sunglasses. Spy Optic sunglasses are edgy, fun, sporty, and off-beat. If you’re really looking to express your own personality and style through your sunglasses, check out Spy Optic sunglasses to see what they have to offer.

With Spy Optic sunglasses, it’s all about the details and (of course) the quality. With frame names like Dirty Mo, Clash, and Diablo, you can’t help but wonder what rebellious creativity inspired their making. Of course, it’s the consumers who reap the creative benefits of Spy Optic sunglasses. These sleek, plastic wrap-around frames come in a variety of lens colors including bronze, grey, caramel, and merlot.

Spy Optic sunglasses are the kinds of shades you’d wear on Saturday to go shopping, on your way to work, to walk from your dorm to your university class two blocks away, or even to wear on a day at the beach. Like Bolle sunglasses, Spy Optic sunglasses offer a sporty, casual feel with high functionality and durability for everyday use. With Spy Optic sunglasses, you’ll be able to choose a pair that really speak to your personality without resorting to buying the same old shades that everyone else has.