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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses for Safety, Sport, Sun, and Fun

Everyone has heard of the harmful effects of UVA and UVB sun rays, but it’s easy to forget all about their invisible risks while enjoying a weekend at the cottage. Minutes turn to hours while skimming the lake in your pleasure craft. Meanwhile, the sun’s rays are finding their way into your retinas, prepping your eyes for the eventual onset of cataracts.

A recent report issued by the University of Waterloo’s optometry department highly recommends very specific lenses for various outdoor activities.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are made especially for people who spend a lot of time in and on the water, but are also ideal for using in the car or truck. For everyday driving, look for Costa Del Mar sunglasses made in the Wave 580 model. These sunglasses eliminate glare while maintaining a true distinction in color. When enjoying sporting events (either as a spectator or onlooker), buy Costa Del Mar sunglasses that are made in the Wave 400 model. This particular style of shades will sharpen vision while protecting your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.

North American optometrists recommend top quality sunglasses that are certified to protect against UVA and UVB rays. When shopping for Costa Del Mar sunglasses, it’s important to chose the style that suits you, and (more importantly) the lenses that will best protect your eyes given your own particular lifestyle.

Choosing the Best Frames and Lenses in Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

With Costa Del Mar sunglasses, one style does not fit all, nor does one size. When shopping for Costa Del Mar sunglasses, the first step is choosing the right style to meet your needs. Avid water fans rave about the polarized and water-repellent lenses of Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The frames come in a wide variety of styles and colors, offering a sporty, classic, and casual look for both men and women. Unlike the racks of inexpensive sunglasses found in major department stores, Costa Del Mar sunglasses offer an exquisite variety.

The easiest way to figure out which Costa Del Mar sunglasses you like the most is to settle on a style first, then find out what colors those particular frames come in. When deciding on the perfect lenses, keep in mind the importance and functionality of color. Grey, green, and brown lenses are best for general use and driving, while amber and orange lenses are best suited for sporting events.

Choosing Costa Del Mar sunglasses will take a bit of time, but the effort will be worth it. There’s the fresh, urban look of the Switchfoot frames or the artfully flowing Turbine frames to consider. Isabella frames are perfect for a long, romantic stroll down the boardwalk, but there’s something especially alluring about the Pescador frames too!

It’s a tough decision made easier with the knowledge that every pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is designed to protect your vision while giving you a unique “look.”

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses for Water Safety

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are available in frames with names like Costa Del Mar Wave Killers and Costa Del Mar South Beach for a reason: they are made for the water. Whether you’re into water skiing, fishing, sailing, parasailing, or pleasure craft boating, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are the style to buy. The wrap-around styles of many of the frames are perfect for water activities, providing practical functionality and comfort to the marine enthusiast. Most importantly, all Costa Del Mar sunglasses have been polarized to protect against glare.

Water sports are a fun way to enjoy the summer while keeping fit, but basic safety guidelines have to be followed at all times. Safe boating practices include being prepared with properly fitting floatation devices and a good dose of common sense. Holding one hand over your brow while squinting against the hot midday sun isn’t advisable. The best way to protect your health and vision is by wearing Costa Del Mar sunglasses. That way, both hands can be fully engaged in your water activity while your vision is unobstructed by glare or bright light.

It really doesn’t matter which type of frame you chose. A pair of Costa Del Mar Hammerhead sunglasses will provide just as much eye protection as a pair of Costa Del Mar Wave Killers. To get the most out of your water sport activities while protecting your vision, invest in the quality of Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

Shopping for Polarized Lenses

When shopping for Costa Del Mar sunglasses, don’t underestimate the importance of polarized lenses. Essentially, polarized lenses block the vibrations of horizontal light. Ordinary light waves vibrate in every direction, but it’s the light that hits horizontal surfaces like the hood of a car or the surface of a lake that causes a blinding glare. Costa Del Mar sunglasses have lenses that are treated with vertical polarizing stripes which block out horizontally polarized light. Instead of seeing nothing but glare and shadow, Costa Del Mar sunglasses will help you to see through those things. Being able to see just below the water’s surface is especially important for fishermen, but is beneficial for anyone who enjoys water sports and activities.

Unfortunately, just because sunglasses claim to be “polarized” doesn’t necessarily mean they are. By buying well known brand names like Costa Del Mar sunglasses, you can be confident that you’re actually getting what you expect. When shopping for sunglasses online, buy from merchants who offer quality guarantees, refunds and/or exchanges. For example, Eyesave.com offers superior customer service with a money back guarantee on all of their Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

The benefits of sunglasses go far beyond the tint of the lenses and the style of the frames. Look for polarized lenses to get the most from your sunglasses.

Cover Up Carefully with Costa Del Mar MP2 Sunglasses

Looking for stylish and functional Costa Del Mar sunglasses? Consider the ultra sleek Costa Del Mar MP2’s. Available in shiny tortoise and shiny black, these sunglasses have a snug, wrap-a-around appeal that stay put whether you’re water-skiing or jetting over an open lake. Why buy ten pairs of cheap sunglasses that end up being lifted from your face in the wind when one pair of comfortable, classy, Costa Del Mar sunglasses will do the trick?

We all live busy lives. In an effort to balance work and exercise, you might grab a quick bite and head out for a run at lunch. No need to pack two pairs of sunglasses! You can easily incorporate Costa Del Mar MP2 sunglasses into your professional, casual, or sporty wardrobe. If you’re one of the millions of people now walking or riding a bike to work, you’ll appreciate the protection and comfort that Costa Del Mar sunglasses afford.

Even on hazy or overcast days, those UV rays can inflict permanent damage to your eyes. A little bit of cloud really doesn’t provide a lot of UVA or UVB protection, so make sure to wear your sunglasses even when it doesn’t seem particularly bright outside. Sunglasses that are too small leave the eyes vulnerable to UV penetration from all sides. With Costa Del Mar MP2 sunglasses, you’ll get excellent coverage and protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

The True Strength of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

It’s true that most sunglasses sold in North America provide adequate UVA and/or UVB coverage. Some brands claim to provide “UV” coverage, which really doesn’t tell you much at all. Unless the sunglasses you purchase specifically guarantee both UVA and UVB coverage, you can’t be sure you’re eyes are being adequately protected. Costa Del Mar sunglasses will give you the protection you need, and so much more.

Advertisers push antiperspirants and energy drinks to their active demographic, but little is said about the strength, practicality, and comfort of sunglasses. Rock climbing isn’t much fun with cheap sunglasses that pinch your nose. Imagine cheap, ill-fitting sunglasses slipping from your face at a pivotal moment leaving you open to the blinding glare of the sun (and in need of yet another pair of sunglasses!). Costa Del Mar sunglasses come in a variety of styles (Costa Del Mar Triple, Costa Del Mar Wave Killers, and Costa Del Mar Brine to name a few) and are made with quality, durable materials. When you buy them at Eyesave.com, you pay less for top quality sunglasses.

Sure it’s important to consider UVA and UVB protection, but to get the most bang for your buck, consider Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The Costa Del Mar company sells glasses fit for the great outdoors and also take responsibility for marine habitats by actively supporting environmental, non-profit organizations. Now that’s quality!