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Face Shape / Fit

The Best Shaped Sunglasses for Your Face

When selecting sunglasses, you may wonder how to pick out the best frames. How do face shapes for sunglasses impact the frames you should get?

First, determine your face shape. There are seven basic shapes: round, oval, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, and square. Once you determine your face shape, pick a frame that contrasts with the shape; for example, if you have a round face, select angular, narrow frames that are wider than they are deep in order to lengthen the face.

The frame size of the sunglasses you select should also be in scale to your face. If you have petite features, don't select over-sized frames -- they will dwarf your face.

Some examples of good frames for different face shapes are:

  • Diamond-shaped faces: rimless frames, frames with distinctive brow-lines, or oval frames
  • Square faces: softer edged frames; round, oval, even cat-eyed, also thinner frames
  • Triangle shaped face: colorful frames or cat eye sunglasses, also frames with straight top lines
  • Inverted triangle shaped face: rimless frames, light colors and materials
  • Oblong face: frames that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of the face
  • Round faces: rectangular or squarish frames, thicker frames
  • Oval faces: most frames will look good, but especially square and wrap-around

How Skin Tone and Hair Color Affect Sunglass Frame Selection

When picking sunglasses, make sure you take into consideration which frames would look best on you. Pay attention to your face shape as well as your coloring to determine what color frames will suit your face.

The color of the frames should complement your color tone, which consists of your skin and hair color. Most people have either a cool or a warm skin tone. Cool skin tones have pink or blue undertones, while warm skin tones have a yellow cast. Blond, blue-black, white, and light brown are considered cool hair tones, while warm tones are golden blond, flat black, brown-gold, red, and gray are cool.

Warm colored people look best in frames that come in camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, off-white, or bright red. Cool tones look best in black, rosy brown, plum, magenta, blue, and darker tortoise shade frames.

No matter what color frame you end up choosing, remember one criteria that should never be compromised: comfort. Make sure the frames you choose are comfortable and appropriate for what you will need them for.

Buying the Sunglasses You've Always Wanted

Naturally, the first thing we think of when buying any kind of fashion accessory is how it’s going to look. People want style, they want a look, and they want a designer name. Chances are good that if you let your instincts guide you in your sunglass purchasing decisions, you’ll end up with a great pair of frames that look just fine.

However, if you are unsure of whether or not those “perfect” sunglasses will look perfect on you, there is a fallback. Most people don’t take it into consideration, but face shape plays an important part in how your sunglasses will look. In general, go with the opposite of your face shape: for round faces, rectangular frames or thick frames look very good; for square faces, rounded or oval frames, and thin frames, do very well.

There are a lot of things to consider when investing in sunglasses, though, like fit, style, and eye protection. If you find a pair of sunglasses that has everything you need, and a style that you love, but doesn’t necessarily match your face shape, you can always take a chance. But by looking at styles that match your shape, you might find those perfect sunglasses that were the ones you didn’t know you always wanted.

Homing In On Your Options

With so many different styles of sunglasses out there, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. It might help you to consider how your own face can weed out some of the choices for you, based on its shape. Face shapes for sunglasses fall into several categories: diamond, heart, oval, round and square. People with oval faces have the luxury of being able to pull off pretty much any type of frame style, but each category has its own list of “best frames.”

If you have a diamond shaped face, try to choose rimless or oval sunglasses. Heart shaped faces generally want to choose frames that oval, flat on top, or multi-colored. Rounder faces look best with frames that are rectangular or thick. Square faces benefit from rounder and thinner frames.

A good pair of sunglasses should balance your face, and the general rule is to go with a pair of frames that are opposite of your face shape. Other than that, what you want to do is find a pair of sunglasses that look great, feel great, and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Designer Sunglasses Designed to Transform Your World

Sometimes buying sunglasses has less to do with matching face shapes for sunglasses as it does buying an attitude. It’s hard to believe that an accessory as simple as a pair of sunglasses can make you feel like a whole new person, but it’s true. Think about the last time you bought a new pair of jeans, a silk scarf, a new hat, or changed your hair color. Two minutes earlier, you may have felt drab or down in the dumps, but the minute you added that change to your wardrobe, you felt like a million bucks. It may be a transitory experience, but it feels wonderful.

Whether you decide to try out a new pair of cat eye sunglasses, cool aviator sunglasses, or oversized sunglasses, it’ll feel like slipping on a whole new persona every time you wear them. To keep that feeling lasting for years, buy quality sunglasses with lenses made from scratch-resistant, impact proof polycarbonate. With top quality sunglasses, it is possible to have it all. You can have the luxury of a gorgeous frame, the distinction of well known designer names, and a quality lens that will protect your eyes no matter what your lifestyle.

Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

The key to finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face is balance. First of all, you need to know what the shape of your face is. There are five main facial shapes: round, square, oblong, triangular, and oval. To find the best shape of sunglasses, try to accentuate your features by balancing them out with the shape of the sunglasses. Whatever the shape of your face is, choose a pair of sunglasses that are the opposite shape. If you have a round face, you should choose rectangular shaped sunglasses and if you have a square shaped face, you should wear more rounded sunglasses.

It is also important to think about the size of your face. If you have a very small face with delicate features, it is probably not a good idea to overpower your face with a dramatically large pair of sunglasses. If you have a larger face with more pronounced features, a tiny pair of sunglasses will look odd and out of proportion. Whatever your face shape, there is a pair of sunglasses out there for you.

Choosing Sunglasses that Accentuate a Specific Feature

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a pair of sunglasses is whether or not the latest trend actually suits your face. Just because a certain celebrity popularizes a specific sunglass style, doesn’t mean that it’s the best style for you. It’s usually best to choose a pair of sunglasses that are the opposite of your facial shape (i.e. If you have an angular, square face, you should choose softer, rounder glasses). The exception to this rule is if you are not looking to achieve balance, but would like to draw attention to a specific feature you like. For example, if you have an angular face you choose an angular pair of sunglasses to accentuate that feature. Or, if you have a petite and delicate face, wearing a very large pair of sunglasses will draw attention to that. A perfect example of this would be the small, delicate Mary Kate Olsen wearing the large, round sunglasses, with her bohemian, airy outfits. Or remember the waiflike Audrey Hepburn sporting a large pair of sunglasses in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.