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EyeSave.com Discount Designer Sunglasses

Best Selling Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Maui Jim Kate Spade Tom Ford
Aviator Large RB3025 Baby Beach Ally P TF0142-Peter
Michael Kors Marc by Marc Jacobs Tom Ford Gucci
M2777S-Grayson MMJ340S TF0297 GG3584
Bolle Ray-Ban Nike Maui Jim
Sport-Oscar RB2140 Wayfarer Wrapstar Peahi

Things you should know about Sunglasses

EyeSave.com, the internet’s largest retailer of discount designer sunglasses offers over 75 brands of sunglasses at prices discounted as much as 20-70% off retail. We carry hot designer sunglass brands such as Gucci, Prada, D&G and Coach, as well as the ultra-cool sport sunglass brands such as Maui Jim, Smith, Bolle, Native, and Costa Del Mar. In addition, EyeSave.com carries all the classic sunglass brands such as Carrera, Gargoyles, Serengeti and Rayban. All of these brands are always offered at a discount!

There are many different lens and frame technologies on the market today. When choosing a frame or lens, be sure to pick sunglasses that fit close to your face and work with your lifestyle. Active people may be better off with a plastic frame and polycarbonate plastic lens, as they are more impact resistant and lightweight, as compared to glass lenses which are scratch-resistant but heavier. Many sunglasses also have polarized, mirrored and photochromic lenses to provide extra protection in intense light conditions.

Most importantly, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV). UV radiation comes naturally from the sun and is comprised of invisible rays that can be classified into three different bands: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA & UVB are the rays one should be concerned with when purchasing sunglasses. When our eyes are exposed to direct sunlight, these rays can be damaging to the cornea and retina and can eventually cause cataracts. Wearing sunglasses reduces the strain on the eyes, eliminates the sun’s glare, and, therefore, reduces the chance of cataracts. When purchasing a pair of sunglasses, be sure the lenses block at least 98% of these UV rays. Many of the higher quality sunglass lenses on the market claim to block 100% of these damaging rays. ALL of the discount sunglasses available for sale at EyeSave.com provide 98-100% protection from harmful UV radiation.