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Lens Color Definitions:

555nm (Serengeti) -
Great for bright light conditions. The 555nm lenses maximize yellow and green light transmission providing an accurate view of the colors in your environment. The 555nm lens are offered in many Serengeti sunglasses.

A-14 (Bolle) - Bolle's signature amber lens. Great all around lens that delivers the brightest field of vision.

Axis (Bolle) - Bolle's signature green lens. The axis lens is the ultimate in "comfort vision" against harsh sun rays.

B-15 brown (Rayban) - Rayban's signature dark brown glass lenses. Great everyday, all-purpose lens. 15% light transmission. The B-15 lenses are offered in many Rayban sunglasses.

Competivision (Bolle) - The "tennis" lens. These teal lenses mute all color except for yellow, allowing the yellow tennis ball to stand out. Great for everyday use. 33% light transmission.

Competivision Gun (Bolle) - The "tennis" lens with silver mirror coating to cut glare in bright light conditions. Enhances visual acuity by muting all colors except for yellow. Warning: Cannot be worn while driving.

Drivers (Serengeti) - All-purpose signature lens by Serengeti. Great for driving as they improve contrast, and reduce eye fatigue caused by the sun's glare. The photochromic technology found in Serengeti sunglasses adjust to light changes in the environment.

Eaglevision 2 (Bolle) - The "golf" lens. These cinnamon (light brown) lenses are perfect for low light conditions. Eaglevision lenses highlight the breaks in the green on the golf course. Great for everyday use as well. 28% light transmission.

Eaglevision 2 Dark (Bolle) - Cinnamon colored lens, perfect for highlighting shades of green on the golf course.

GB-10 (Bolle) - Grey lens with metallic blue mirror.

G-15 (Rayban) - Dark grey/green glass lens for everyday purposes. 15% light transmission. The G-15 lenses are offered in most Rayban sunglasses.

HCL Bronze (Maui Jim) - A signature Maui Jim high contrast lens suited for low light conditions. HCL bronze lenses are offered in most Maui Jim sunglasses.

Inland Gold (Bolle) - Amber lens with gold mirror cuts glare in medium-light marine conditions.

Lemon (Bolle) - Yellow lens for extreme low-light or nighttime sports activities.

Photo Clear Grey (Bolle) - Ideal for unpredictable conditions. Lens transition from clear (low light) to grey (bright light).

Photo Rose Gun (Bolle) - Enhances contrast in both light rose and dark rose conditions. A silver flash mirror reflects glare in the brightest conditions.

Rose - Lens with a rose hue; particularly suited for overcast weather. Rose lenses are offered in most Maui Jim and Bolle sunglasses.

Rose Blue (Bolle) - Enhances contrast in both medium and bright light conditions. A blue flash mirror reflects glare on the brightest of days.

Sedona (Serengeti) - Outdoor sports enthusiasts prefer the high-contrast rose tint of Sedona lenses to help with glare in flat light conditions. Sedona lenses can be found in many Serengeti sunglasses.

Stealth (Revo) - The stealth lens is created with an initial brown crystal base layer followed by a 12 coating layer for maximum UV protection. Blue mirror coating cuts glare. Available in most Revo sunglasses.

TLB Dark (Bolle) - Bolle's signature "true light brown" lens. Provides true color definition.

TNS Grey (Bolle) - "True Neutral Smoke" neutral density grey lenses, provides true color definition. Great everyday, all-purpose lens. 13% light transmission. TNS Grey lenses are offered in most Bolle sunglasses.

TNS Gun (Bolle) - "True Neutral Smoke" neutral density grey lenses with silver metallic mirror provides true color definition. Great everyday, all-purpose lens. 13% light transmission. TNS Gun lenses are offered in most Bolle sunglasses.

TNS Fire (Bolle) - Grey lens with red mirror. Red mirror reflects glare in bright conditions.

Vermillion (Rose) - Vermillion lens provide clarity in low light conditions while allowing light transmission in bright sunlight. These lenses provide a contrast for objects against blue and green backgrounds. These lenses are offered in many Bolle sunglasses.

XLT "extra light" (Rayban) - Refers to Ray Ban's lightweight glass lenses. The XLT lenses are offered in many Rayban sunglasses.

Lens Terminology:

Gradient -
Shaded in different colors from top to bottom. Gradient lenses are often used by drivers to see more easily inside as well as outside the car.

Ionized - Best for bright sunny conditions by adding definition and cutting glare.

Mirrored - Reduces how much light reaches the eyes. Mirror lenses are great in high-altitude situations, where the air is thinner and brighter. They are often used in ski goggles and sunglasses.

Polarized - Polarized lenses greatly reduce severe glare in conditions such as driving and water activities by filtering the horizontal light rays with vertical filters embedded in the lenses. Polarized lenses eliminate 99% of reflective glare, cutting down on eye strain and Ultraviolet rays. Maui Jim, Hobie, Native, Costa Del Mar, Ocean Waves, Serengeti and Revo are brands that offer a complete line of polarized lenses.

Photochromatic/Photochromic - Adaptable lenses that adjust to the lighting in a given situation; in bright light, the tint of the lenses become darker, in low light conditions, the tint gets lighter. Photochromic technology is offered in all Serengeti Sunglasses.

Polycarbonate - An alternative to glass, polycarbonate lenses are tough, impact resistant plastic lenses. They are the safest choice for sports activities as they are lightweight, scratch resistant, and extremely durable.

UV (Ultraviolet) Protection - All sunglasses on Eyesave.com provide 100% UV protection. Most of the sun's harmful radiation is blocked by the Earth's ozone layer, but a small percentage of ultraviolet rays pass through. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVB rays are known to cause sunburns while UVA rays can penetrate the skin.